General Counselling

Sometimes day to day life can get us down and we are often left with a feeling of not knowing where to turn to explore these feelings.  If you are experiencing feelings leading to anxiety, depression or self-confidence which are holding you back, counselling maybe able to help you.

Clients look for a counsellor when they realise they are ready to explore issues in their lives but often struggle on how to make this happen.  Sometimes we are expected to get on with it, preferring not to ask for help or are left with a feeling of weakness and we are struggling to cope.

Psychosexual Counselling

Psychosexual therapy is a specific type of therapy which can help with sexual problems when medical causes have been ruled out.  During the sessions we will explore the relationship but will also address specific physical and psychological sexual problems.

Relationship Counselling

Different relationships when they are going well can bring us joy and fulfilment into our lives.  When things start to go wrong and times become difficult, the opposite can happen joy and happiness is often replaced by pain and heartbreak.  I work with couples, individuals in a relationship and people who are currently single.

Fertility Counselling

Infertility is becoming more & more common with couples and single people.  This has led to different approaches to pregnancy within different relationships.


First steps

So, you have taken the first big step in making the decision to seek counselling, so what next?


Assessment session

The next step is to meet for an “assessment”. This is an opportunity for us to find out if we can work together and for you to ask any further questions you may have.

Free telephone consultation

Sometimes it can help you to make a choice by having an initial telephone conversation.

Practicalities for Engaging in Counselling.