Some of my clients have been kind enough to share some kind words about their counselling experience with me.

IVF Support

I would like to thank Catherine for her unfailing support during a very dark period in my life.

She was there for me and my partner after 3 failed rounds of IVF.

As you can imagine this was a very traumatic time in my life and Catherine gave me and my partner a safe place to explore our feelings.

Without her help and support I would not have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can never thank her enough.

Thank you so much Catherine.

Fertility Testimonial

Relationship Support

Your skill as a counsellor is very special. You really helped us as a couple and after only 6 months we are better than we have ever been. We would recommend you to any couple who need help in their relationship.

Couple Counselling

Intimacy Support

Over the years, I have had numerous issues with being intimate with my husband and it was taking its toll on our marriage. We were close to a divorce until i was given Catherine’s details by a good friend of mine. She made us feel at ease, her approach to our situation was very understanding and without her help, I would now be going through a divorce which would have unsettled our children and I would have deeply regretted it. She is very knowledgeable and it’s like sitting talking to an old friend rather than a therapist. We owe our marriage to Catherine.

Psychosexual Testimonial

Support During Separation

Catherine has been a very kind, thoughtful and is a naturally gifted counsellor in my mind and I have found her to be easy to talk with over the year i had my therapy. I felt that the therapy was hugely beneficial for me and I would recommend Catherine to anyone. She had the ability to really clarify problems of mine helping me to see things more clearly, this helped with my struggles of going through a separation in my marriage. Catherine has a sensitive manner and she feels present with you at all times, I was able to talk with Catherine about anything and felt we had a good, trusting relationship right from the start of the year and I always felt very well taken care of as her client.

I found Catherine to be a very patient and kind counsellor, this helped me to open up much more in our sessions and I trusted Catherine with sensitive matters, never previously shared. I normally find it very hard to share my problems with other people but I was able to with Catherine as I never felt judged at any time.

General Counselling