Catherine has been a very kind, thoughtful and is a naturally gifted counsellor in my mind and I have found her to be easy to talk with over the year i had my therapy. I felt that the therapy was hugely beneficial for me and I would recommend Catherine to anyone. She had the ability to really clarify problems of mine helping me to see things more clearly, this helped with my struggles of going through a separation in my marriage. Catherine has a sensitive manner and she feels present with you at all times, I was able to talk with Catherine about anything and felt we had a good, trusting relationship right from the start of the year and I always felt very well taken care of as her client.

I found Catherine to be a very patient and kind counsellor, this helped me to open up much more in our sessions and I trusted Catherine with sensitive matters, never previously shared. I normally find it very hard to share my problems with other people but I was able to with Catherine as I never felt judged at any time.

General Counselling